I have not been feeling many energy sparks lately… my health has been not good, and in a very consistent way, so no better moments to take advantage of in a creative way really.

I did get a film developed yesterday and am really pleased with this one, which i took just up the road from my house a few weeks ago. My partner is learning to drive, and drove us to the end of the road to a little pond that is there, as the sun actually came out! I had real trouble walking around the very small pond (behind me in the picture) and felt quite awful afterwards, but now i am glad I made the effort!


I love my holga so much! It has been a real source of joy during the last few years of illness, as it is light-weight and it only takes a second to record the times i make it out of the house. I am hoping to get a Diana F+ soon, which is a similar type of camera (plastic lens, “lomo”, takes same kind of square-format film…) I can’t wait to play with it, see how it compares/differs from the Holga, and am hoping for some better weather and better health to make the most of it!

Finger’s crossed, eh?