A bit late for that i suppose, but it is my first post of 2009… 2008 was not a good year on a creative level as i have been so busy getting through each day i have had little energy left to even think of creative things i could do, never mind do them… even my photographic activity waned as my ability to walk and stand for long diminished, which is really limiting in terms of getting out there and being able to do anything other than an unplanned, spontaneous click of anything vaguely interesting i see, which does not lead to stunning pictures, it is more a record that i got out of the house, which is useful personally but is skirting the limits of being “creative”.

So, 2009. Well i am hoping that things will improve a little and also that i may at least have the energy to think creatively about being creative! This may result in more action here even if the projects are small and still playing loose with the creative label… we shall see! I may just talk about being creative, which would be a start 😉

I still want to focus more on creative things and use my time to that end, so i will keep trying…