ahem… announcing a new regular “column” to this blog… “Word of the Weak!”

(it won’t be every week you see, as i shall wait for inspiration and energy to blog it)

I shall say where i heard the word, what it means and then maybe create a new sentence using the word!

So the word is:


as heard on BBC1 on Sunday lunchtime in the programme “Countryfile”. John Craven was up in the snowy Cairngorm mountains in Scotland and was discussing with a woman what species of animals and plants could survive in that cold alpine climate. The woman was showing some tiny little plants to John and described them as having to be GNARLY to survive there!

The dictionary says:

gnarl 1. n. a twisted knotty outgrowth on a tree  2. v.t. to twist, contort

gnarled adj. twisted and knobby

The way the woman used it was more as a description of their personality and tenacity rather than their actual knobbliness, which is what i liked when i heard it so i am taking it more in this way in my own sentence:

The gnarly rock did not flinch as wave after wave crashed over it, sculpting soft shapes and persistently revealing its insides.