Well, i just wanted to say thanks to whoever is reading this, my creative blog. It must be very boring as not a lot is written from month to month, but without fail, every day, someone checks in. I am very touched that anyone bothers to come back!

I am so aware the last few months of how little i have been able to do creatively and in general. Life has been such a struggle and had that “one thing after another” feel about it. I have had ideas and i have written them down on my to-do list. That is as far as it has got. I also wanted to do things for sending to people at Christmas, this has not happened. it is so frustrating to live like this… i have been struggling to write regularly on my usual blog, with posts started in May still languishing there waiting to be finished!

One thing i have been enjoying lately is this on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/starpoi/sets/72157622830567344/ Starpixie has started to do a doodle a day – there is also a website: http://adoodleaday.co.uk/

After an internet friend sent me Danny Gregory’s book “Everyday Matters” out of the blue (a great surprise!), I resolved to do something similar, but have not managed even one whole doodle, only a few badly-looking seagulls (self-projection or bad drawing skills? i think the latter!)… i really have not been feeling good and any energy i have seems to be taken up with the daily tasks of living. I have really enjoyed seeing these doodles though and i hope to be able to do one a week (or something) at some point! I am really bad at drawing actual things and really want to get better so i need to DO IT! I admire Starpixie for getting on with it even when feeling unwell/uninspired…