Yesterday I went to The National Glass Centre. It was really good with plenty to see and I came home with some gift shop booty too!

We saw a demonstration of making things of glass using a sand box as a mould, which was interesting as well as very hot! Usually they do glass blowing but we happened to see something different, which was good as I have seen glass blowing before.

The building was really interesting and very wheelchair accessible, you could even get up onto the roof and look back down into the centre as well as at the view over the river.

It was nice to see some actual sunshine too.

As well as lots of various products and creations made from glass, which were really inspiring to see in terms of colours, textures and patterns there were also other mediums, like an artist who does paper-folding, for example!

I have come away feeling really inspired and enlivened. A little trip out can be worth so much!