I have recently won, not once but twice (!) in giveaways from Michael Nobbs of Sustainably Creative.

Firstly he had a giveaway for new subscribers and I won a copy of his illustrated journal The Beany (I got number 3). I already have a digital copy of the fourth book, but I am loving the feel of the real and paper-based copy in my hand this time. I can’t wait to find some free time and a cosy place to indulge in that.

Then he held a birthday giveaway (on his birthday) and I won a book called The Artist In The Office by Summer Pierre and even though I do not have a day job in the traditional sense, I certainly do have a day (and night!) job in managing my illness so I hope I can adapt some of the advice to my situation.

So, Saturday was a very good post day!

I am really enjoying being a member and getting (amongst other things) a daily micro podcast to listen to what Michael is doing/thinking about and also to help me focus my mind on what I want to achieve creatively and to remind me that doing just a small thing can move my work forwards.

Thank You Michael!