My friend, Rachael, chose to do her Creative Joyful Thing No.1 on the theme of  A Colour Of Your Choice. (Mine was Texture or Pattern). We did not speak about how we would send our photos to each other, but both ended up putting a little book together! It was a nice surprise. Here is her book:

This is the front

this is the back

Here are the images inside. She made one large image, then put a mini photo taken from it on the opposite side. To view the full page you need to click on each image.

She said to me that really she felt that the mini shots were the great achievement of the project and the bit she loved the best. I think she will be pleased that you need to click on each image to see the larger photos and can just see the smaller ones on this page.

I love her use of paint cards and then searching for that colour…

This branch only turned pink after her dog chewed it… a pink bruise.

This was almost her favourite colour, the one she was searching for: Flame. She said to me that Flame was the closest to the clour she was searching, but that you can’t get a paint card for it, exactly.

This one was taken through the hole in her jeans, of the tile floor. I love it!

So there we are, Creative Joyful Thing No.1 is finished and we are both moving on to number two! See next post!