04/08/08 – Cambridge Folk Festival

Swifts curve in the sky
Among the sound waves rising
From the festival

Man reading on train
Sits next to me and annoys:
Noisy exhaler

30/07/08 – on going to the toilet at night without bothering to turn the light on:

Arachnid wrist-watch
Dark crouching biped spider
Seems waiting to pounce

21/06/08 – Scarborough Sea Life Centre

Quickslick seals skim by
Pulsating jellyfish rotate
Otters mew with rocks

??/02/07 at the beach where there was foam on the sand:

Mongrel finds magic
Beach-clouds scudd across the sand
The sky has fallen


Swarming armies of starlings
Morphing mercury
Ceiling against sunset sky

22/12/06 – on train

Frosty fields speed by
Stationary sheep revolve
Fence posts pulsing past

Bejewelled melting
Frost in the sunshine sparkling
Light fills up your eyes

Gleaming rails so bright!
Black silhouetted tree stands
Against frost-white field

Frosty branches hang
Heavy in cold bright blue air
Suspend immobile

Scarecrow leans backwards
Soaks up the warmth
In frosty bare field

Hitting fog train cools
I sit in my winter coat
Sun glowing cut out


the crow-full wind blows
the white light ambrosia
clouds into sunset


A ceiling of crows

Flies against the white-grey sky

Caws and raindrops sound


There is fog tonight;

I cannot see the caw-caw-crows

Fly to their roost


christmas card 2014

Hawthorn berries glist’n,

holding spring-conscious seeds, sing!

In this snow-bright day.


In the Autumn sun

Eleven butterflies seen

All from one still place


Badger-topped stillness:

Grey bird. Stream gurgles by legs,

Kingfisher flashes.


The sound of feathers –

Two swans quill overhead,white

Synchronised, gleaming



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