After my friend sent me a series of postcards with themes to complete (see previous posts for my efforts), we have agreed to move onto a new collaboration of Creative Joyful Things (I thought “Art Challenges” sounded a bit too much like hard work!).

As is it September, I thought we could pretend to be on a very, very part-time art course over the course of the year and perhaps meet up next summer to share portfolios!

The plan is that I will make up and send her a Creative Joyful Thing to undertake in her own time, and I shall do it too, then when we have both finished we will send each other pictures of what we have done! This way we will both be independently working on a similar thing and not influencing each other, so we will see different takes on an idea/project. Once we are both done, we will move on to the next one. Here is our starting point:

Creative Joyful Thing No.1

*Shoot a roll of film/series of digital photos on a theme*


  • Texture or pattern
  • A colour of your choice
  • Wabi Sabi (not sure yet what this is exactly
    but it seems like the in-thing!)
  • Noise – can you make me hear things when I
    look at your pictures?
  • Silhouettes
  • Your choice – Something else that you want to


We have both chosen a different theme – not telling YOU what they are yet though! Will post my work up here, and maybe hers too if she agrees.

If anyone wants to play along with us – please do! I am planning on making each thing very different from the last, so hold onto your hats!


A few weeks ago I took my camera into my little garden and took some close-ups.

Both these images are available to buy as greetings cards here:

All profits go to the Whittemore Peterson Institute who are undertaking groundbreaking research into Neuro-Immune Illnesses, such as ME/CFS.

It was a really bright day, but looking deep into the dark tulips was like diving into a midnight sky, complete with pollen stars!

Others from the set can be seen here on my Flickr site.

A pair of Great Crested Grebes perform their courtship dance while a tasty fish swims by…

(yes i really need to get out of this house!)

In early 2007 i took this picture of bullrushes:


In September 2008 i took this one:


I was really pleased with them both. I don’t know why but i really like these dramatic plants! A couple of weeks ago i went out and took some more pictures of bullrushes… i really enjoyed it – a short burst of activity in the sunshine!

bullrush sky



top pond bullrushes



bullrush sky1

bullrush sky2

bullrush sky3

bullrush sky4

I have done another entry into my little book of birds – it is about a blackbird i found last spring, dead, lying on top of a fence post. Someone must have put it there, who knows why…


here is a copy of the poem so you can read it better:


A bit late for that i suppose, but it is my first post of 2009… 2008 was not a good year on a creative level as i have been so busy getting through each day i have had little energy left to even think of creative things i could do, never mind do them… even my photographic activity waned as my ability to walk and stand for long diminished, which is really limiting in terms of getting out there and being able to do anything other than an unplanned, spontaneous click of anything vaguely interesting i see, which does not lead to stunning pictures, it is more a record that i got out of the house, which is useful personally but is skirting the limits of being “creative”.

So, 2009. Well i am hoping that things will improve a little and also that i may at least have the energy to think creatively about being creative! This may result in more action here even if the projects are small and still playing loose with the creative label… we shall see! I may just talk about being creative, which would be a start 😉

I still want to focus more on creative things and use my time to that end, so i will keep trying…

Last weekend i went to Scarborough… most of my pictures did not come out, this one was best. I took it with my Diana F+, only my second roll so still getting the hang of it!scarboro-sunset

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