After making the blanket for a friend, one of the people involved decided to take the lead on a second blanket for another friend who is stuck in bed. Here is my patch for it. image


pencil case 3 pencil case1 pencil case2 pencil case4

I made a pencil case for a friend. I made one for her many years ago and was amazed to discover that she was still using it! It was looking a bit worse for wear, so I thought I would reward such appreciation with an updated version. I think this one is a lot better than the first one, so I hope it will last for many years to come.

A very good friend of mine is seriously and chronically ill, and was recently facing a long hospital admission. I had the idea to create a comforting blanket for her to take into hospital with her, covered in patches from friends. I wanted it to be bright and an antidote to the bland hospital surroundings and a reminder that her friends were thinking and caring about her, especially on days where she was unable to be in contact directly. I asked a few friends if they would join in with the project and people were very enthusiastic and willing to spend time making their patches really special. Some people needed help by others in the group to complete their patches and I also got help assembling the piece! It was a great thing to be part of, and I hope she will love it.

Here is the blanket:

Blanket Here are the patches individually:


this one is mine – signed with a little “Ash” leaf


Made by Alex

Amy E

Made by Amy


Made by Andie


Made by Cathy


Made by Cusp

D heart

Made by D

D Jackson

Made by D


Made by Jo

Rachel blackwork

Made by Rachel

Rachel Disc

Made by Rachel

Working on it:

sewing machine

And here it is ready to be set off to her:


I recently made a purse for a friend’s birthday. This is the lining fabric from the V&A.


This is the purse. I used a zip I saved from a work out bag (made of hemp, hence the symbol)


I put the ends of a woollen tie on each side, to decorate.



Here is what I sent Rachael for Creative Joyful Thing No.6:

*Make a sun print on fabric*


  • Use fairly substantial things – my leaf skeleton attempt was not very good, but normal leaves worked well.
  • Do it for longer than 15 minutes – I did a tester for 35 minutes in full and very bright sun in September which came out great. The ones I did for less were not so good.
  • Glass worked best for weighing things down (I took apart a picture frame and used the glass from that). Acetate was not heavy enough so things were not so squashed down. As the sun moved the shadow of the items moved too and this meant a less crisp image.
  • The images do come out brighter than they look before you rinse them, but if you can’t see anything when you lift the item up, there is probably not much there!
  • I found that doing both sides did affect the quality of the prints as it showed through a bit, but feel free to experiment as it was the failed leaf skeleton that I tried that with…

Good luck & Enjoy!

(If you want to do something creative with your sun-printed fabric all the better!)

I had previously sent her some sun print fabric.

Here is what we did with it!

First my sunprints:Image





And here is what I made with my favourite – I used a ribbon that Rachael gave me to make the sun print! It is a relaxing eye pillow with lavender inside.


Here is what Rachael sent to me – she used a fern and some marbles to great effect:



This was a tricky challenge but it was fun and I think the results are pretty good!

As part of my project with a friend I have taken a series of photos on a theme (see previous post). The theme I chose was Texture or Pattern. I decided to make them into a little book!

(My friend has also sent me her photos and I will blog about them in the next post – it was so exciting to see what she had done!)

I made one for myself and one for my friend too. I put an index at the back and folded the end over to the front to create a spine. I then sewed a piece of wool throughout the set to make it into a booklet. Just a touch of glue to make it sit right and it was done.

Here are the images within my book!

Here are some of the many bags i have made over the years! My speciality is my “tie bag”… made from ties bought in charity shops. I often use old jeans to make denim bags and keep the pockets on for use in the bag… don’t seem to have photos of those though! Have given a lot away as presents…



I also designed this one made from corduroy – i like to put funky linings in!