26/06/06 – Isle of Skye

Bungee larks fall like stones

then rise up fluttering fast

vertically cutting the small croft window in half.

A loch comes in halfway up slicing in from the right,

behind the stone walls falling down in the field,

but blooming with lichen

among the grasses and buttercups

below the buzzard-circled hill.


Larks rise from the grass

Chip chipping faster and faster

Wings all triangles

Frantic scissoring towards the sky

Then falling

Still singing

Wings not moving

Sliding back to earth.

Creative Commons License
This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.

This poem means a lot to me as i wrote it when i first started going out with my girlfriend and we lived quite near to each other… September 1998


Streets apart

We lie in our beds

In our separate boxes of room

I lie stretched out

In the Dark

Picturing us:

Two bodies in

Two beds in

Two rooms.

Two Realities

in space


A distance apart

But connected by my thoughts

And the push-pull of our breath.

Nothing else exists

But where we are

And the air in-between

I breathe in deep

Sucking the air from the streets

Drawing you near

creating a vacuum

between us

And every breath –

When i admit this won’t work

And laugh at myself for trying

I exhale…………….

just as hard,

pushing love to you across the void…


of course,

empty lunged,

i try again.




A decade, I say, though I try not to count;

But every time I do go out:

Hello, so nice to meet you!

What do you do?

I don’t. I’m unwell.

Oh, but you really can’t tell…

How long has it been for you?

Since I turned twenty two.

You were so young! Just making a start –

It must have really broken your heart?


Yes. And now it breaks again:

I never thought then

That I’d look back now and count to ten.



A dog hair scone

A demi-john

A dome-capped lemon yogurt

Use-by date long gone.


Pursed lips

And restless hands

And a funny way

Of saying “fruity man”.


Honey Pot in flannel bed

Peacocks, tail feathers spread

Getting up early

And baking summer bread.


Nanna, where’s your hair brush?


Creative Commons License
This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.

2 Responses to “Other Poetry”

  1. Kandice Says:

    Your blog is beautiful, Ashy! And I love your new anemone painting – simply gorgeous!

    Your poem “TEN” was especially moving, as I’ve recently had my 10th anniversary of becoming mostly bedridden with ME. I, too, have turned toward art and poetry, and am thankful every day for having a laptop I can use while laying flat in bed – so lucky!

    So glad to have found you so that I can drop in now and then and see what you’re creating!

    Kandice 🙂

    1. ashysheela Says:

      Thank Kandice for you comment – my first on this page after it being here so long! I didn’t think anyone read it. I am approaching year twelve now, but won’t write another poem just yet 😉

      Yes Art and poetry are things we can still take an interest in and occasionally get involved in – they have become so much more important to me since being ill (or I have realised how important they are to me!). I hope to be able to keep doing little things this year, please do pop back and see me.

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