I recently went on a workshop to make jewellery from glass. It was great for me as it was two hours one saturday morning, then two hours the next. I do appreciate a paced approach!

I am really pleased with what I made, and am hoping to go back later in the year to make a larger landscape style panel. Exciting.

Here are my creations:

cuff links

These are cuff link and they didn’t come out quite right. One piece of patterned glass was upside down (very hard to tell when making it which way was “up”) so it looks different and melted into the white glass differently too. As cuff links are rarely seen side by side, I think they are ok. I have given them to a friend.

bracelet angle

This is a piece I have made into a bracelet with some leather thong. This angle shows the middle part as lilac.


This angle shows it as gold.

Here is a brooch I made for my mum. It was a real rush job as time was running out, so I picked nice bits she would like and did a quick arrangement. It worked really well!


The last one is a pendant – two pictures to show the way the colours change.

pendant green

pendant orange

(The brief for CJT8 is here, and what I sent to Rachael is here)

Here is what Rachael sent to me: First a little book about the process. I re-lived her thoughts and experiences with every flip of the page.





step 4









appx 2

Then the actual prints! She labelled them for me…

First attempt:


Second (more careful) attempt:


Happy accident:


Variation on a theme:



My fave (disco remix):


They are cards. Inside each one was a message about our project and what it means to her. I love the messages and the prints too. Getting each printed card out of it’s envelope was like following the print-making journey. Fabulous presentation!


Creative Joyful Thing No.8


*Make a pattern inspired by nature*

It could be repetitive and orderly or a random cluster of forms. If very abstract, please state/show your inspiration!

  • You could use printing of some kind to make the repeat images, or not.


See The Results here and here!

A friend came to visit me last weekend. She is lovely and creative so we set up the kitchen table and did some drawing/painting together. It was fun to work with someone else there! She did some painting and it was great to watch someone else at work and see her picture develop. I was a bit stuck for what to do, so I went out into the garden for inspiration and came back with this beautiful sweet pea. The smell of it while I was drawing was really good! I had nearly finished the outline when a little black bug emerged from the folds of the petals, so I put it in exactly where it was and I think it adds something!

Yesterday I went to The National Glass Centre. It was really good with plenty to see and I came home with some gift shop booty too!

We saw a demonstration of making things of glass using a sand box as a mould, which was interesting as well as very hot! Usually they do glass blowing but we happened to see something different, which was good as I have seen glass blowing before.

The building was really interesting and very wheelchair accessible, you could even get up onto the roof and look back down into the centre as well as at the view over the river.

It was nice to see some actual sunshine too.

As well as lots of various products and creations made from glass, which were really inspiring to see in terms of colours, textures and patterns there were also other mediums, like an artist who does paper-folding, for example!

I have come away feeling really inspired and enlivened. A little trip out can be worth so much!