A very good friend of mine is seriously and chronically ill, and was recently facing a long hospital admission. I had the idea to create a comforting blanket for her to take into hospital with her, covered in patches from friends. I wanted it to be bright and an antidote to the bland hospital surroundings and a reminder that her friends were thinking and caring about her, especially on days where she was unable to be in contact directly. I asked a few friends if they would join in with the project and people were very enthusiastic and willing to spend time making their patches really special. Some people needed help by others in the group to complete their patches and I also got help assembling the piece! It was a great thing to be part of, and I hope she will love it.

Here is the blanket:

Blanket Here are the patches individually:


this one is mine – signed with a little “Ash” leaf


Made by Alex

Amy E

Made by Amy


Made by Andie


Made by Cathy


Made by Cusp

D heart

Made by D

D Jackson

Made by D


Made by Jo

Rachel blackwork

Made by Rachel

Rachel Disc

Made by Rachel

Working on it:

sewing machine

And here it is ready to be set off to her:


I was kindly given a book for my birthday called “Stitch ‘n Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker” by Debbie Stoller, about how to crochet. I have taught myself to do the basics and even attempted a “creation”… it started off as a hat, then i decided that i probably wouldn’t wear it anyway (which is what happened with the last hat i knitted which made me look pale) so i then decided to turn it into a tea cosy for a small tea pot we have…

I would not say it was a successful creation as it was quite thin wool so i couldn’t make a giant envelope style cosy that covered the whole tea pot as it would have been too floppy, so i made it fit around it tightly but not over the top, which means it doesn’t really keep the tea warm!

BUT i did learn to make circles, to increase and decrease so i feel it was good practice and next time i may make something more useful!

Here is a photo of the failure…