Last weekend i went to Scarborough… most of my pictures did not come out, this one was best. I took it with my Diana F+, only my second roll so still getting the hang of it!scarboro-sunset


My partner went to New York last weekend, and came back with two presents for me. Firstly, one I had requested as my commiseration present for not being able to go with her (due to my poor health) which was a limited edition Diana F+ camera:

It is the MoMA edition, as it is from the Museum of Modern Art…

Also, a surprise extra present! (Yes, i am very lucky!) was a book of photographs, accompanied by poems, produced in the 1930s called “New York, N why?” by Rudy Burckhardt & Edwin Denby:

So a new toy to play with AND inspiration to draw from! Who needs to go to NY when the best bits are delivered 😉

I have taken a few pictures with different settings near my house just as a test roll to get a feel for it. It is very like my holga, although it has a few more settings, such as a sunny/cloudy setting that actually works, as well as pinhole capabililties…

The book is beautiful, the pictures are mostly very simple and understated, but the poems (and the essay about the work of both men, included at the back) really make you look at them in a deeper way and it is really interesting. I love it!