Creative Joyful Thing No.4

*Find a photo, and send it to the other person*

When you receive your photograph, stick it onto a bigger piece of paper and extend the boundaries of the image using your imagination, until it fills the page.



SO here is what we did:

I sent Rach three photos and she chose one I took of some mud under the bottom of a gate. This is what she did with it!


This is me, my partner and our dog – brilliant!

Here is what I did with her photo:


I loved this one – it was fun ūüôā

I posted the brief for CJT2 here. Here is what we did.

We both created a starting image then swapped. Here is mine:

The background pattern I took from The Yellow Book of Creative Colouring, by John Adams Toys (aged 8 and upwards!). I have had this colouring book for decades – it is so cool! Just geometric lines.¬†I hope publishing my work here is not a copyright issue, after all, I just did some creative colouring! I also traced most of the seagulls from somewhere but as they don’t look much like the originals now, I don’t think it is a big problem. I am so confused when I use/change other people’s work where the lines fall about right and wrong. I am not making money but I am publishing here… Ideally I would like to just draw my own pattern and birds totally from scratch but it would have taken me much longer and used more energy than I had. But that doesn’t make it right. Hmm. A bit disappointed in myself. Didn’t think I would feel so bad about it. From now on you will be seeing my own (probably terrible) drawing skills exhibited, or at least ones done from tracing photos that I have taken myself!

Anyway, here is what she sent to me:

And here is what she did to mine:

I love what she has done with my original image. She copied it so that she¬†could paint on it, as my copier left the lines water soluble (I tested it before sending). The red was lost but so much gained! Look carefully for the fish – they are sparkling silver on the original. She has put so much work into this and I think it is so exciting to be working together and making things we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Here is what I did with hers:

(Transcript of the text below)

I struggled to come up with a way to make her image into something different, apart from interesting colouring in I was a bit stumped and I didn’t want to erase the original meaning of the self-portrait about the missing filling. I am happy in the end with what I produced, but think she did a much better job on this one!


Text reads: You want to put your filling under your pillow? Yes I see the hole.

Well, scrap metal prices are high and teeth have dropped in value. What? You thought I did this from the goodness of my heart?

Tell you what – Get a quote for replacing your filling and I will pay for it.

BUT! You must buy an electric toothbrush ‘coz I want my assets kept super-healthy from now on.

Yes! The only money I make these days is from the “final collection” as I call it.

So do we have a deal?

Put your filling and the quote under your pillow tonight.

Sleep well!

A quick drawing I made of a sunflower which¬†I¬†picked after it¬†fell over in the wind a few weeks ago… it was a funny little one.

A friend came to visit me last weekend. She is lovely and creative so we set up the kitchen table and did some drawing/painting together. It was fun to work with someone else there! She did some painting and it was great to watch someone else at work and see her picture develop. I was a bit stuck for what to do, so I went out into the garden for inspiration and came back with this beautiful sweet pea. The smell of it while I was drawing was really good! I had nearly finished the outline when a little black bug emerged from the folds of the petals, so I put it in exactly where it was and I think it adds something!

This is the third postcard I have been sent by a friend to complete – see previous posts for the first two!

Well, i just wanted to say thanks to whoever is reading this, my creative blog. It must be very boring as not a lot is written from month to month, but without fail, every day, someone checks in. I am very touched that anyone bothers to come back!

I am so aware the last few months of how little i have been able to do creatively and in general. Life has been such a struggle and had that “one thing after another” feel about it. I have had ideas and i have written them down on my to-do list. That is as far as it has got. I also wanted to do things for sending to people at Christmas, this has not happened. it is so frustrating to live like this… i have been struggling to write regularly on my usual blog, with posts started in May still languishing there waiting to be finished!

One thing i have been enjoying lately is this on Flickr: Starpixie has started to do a doodle a day Рthere is also a website:

After an internet friend sent me Danny Gregory’s book “Everyday Matters” out of the blue (a great surprise!), I resolved to do something similar, but have not managed¬†even one¬†whole doodle, only a few badly-looking¬†seagulls (self-projection or bad drawing skills? i think the latter!)… i really have not been feeling good and any energy i have seems to be taken up with the daily tasks of living. I have really enjoyed seeing these doodles though and i hope to be able to do one a week (or something) at some point! I am really bad at drawing actual things and really want to get better so i need to DO IT! I admire Starpixie for getting on with it even when feeling unwell/uninspired…

I had a go at a continuous line drawing a few weeks ago, and am only just getting around to posting it… i have only a very convoluted way to get photos from my phone camera to the computer so i often don’t bother til i have a few to copy over at once!

I did add some colour to it but the line itself was continuous (with the odd pause!)

It is some Japanese anemones from my garden: