In the spring I went to visit a lovely friend called Amy. She gave me a beautiful hand painted pebble. I thought I would see what adventures the pebble might have. In the spring it went to my Mum’s garden:
pebble sempervivums

pebble stones

pebble stump

Then the pebble had a rest for many months (apart from moving house)

And today the pebble explored the beach:

pebble clouds

I post this one mainly for the clouds, but it also shows where I sat for most of the time – on a bench on the small sand dunes. It shows the concrete blocks which were put there to stop tanks in the war. Pebble visits these below.

pebble boot print

pebble friends

Making pebble friends…

pebble hand

Yearning for the sea

pebble seaweed 1

The seaweed also looks inviting…

pebble seaweed 2

Yep, feels good!

pebble shell

pebble texture

pebble yellow