A quick drawing I made of a sunflower which I picked after it fell over in the wind a few weeks ago… it was a funny little one.

I have been enjoying picking flowers in my garden. This is this week’s bouquet. There are a couple of lilies which should open and make it look and smell even better! Last week’s arrangement was all roses and fennel and was gorgeous, but the thunderstorms seem to have bashed all the roses to pieces so there will be a pause before more appear. I have deadheaded!

I also picked a miniature bunch with some tiny sweet peas and night-scented stocks so it smells really good:

There is also one white helibore flower at the front – it is so wierd that this “Christmas Rose” has decided to flower a second time in July! It has never done this before and we have had it for over 3 years. It must be happy.

A few weeks ago I took my camera into my little garden and took some close-ups.

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All profits go to the Whittemore Peterson Institute who are undertaking groundbreaking research into Neuro-Immune Illnesses, such as ME/CFS.

It was a really bright day, but looking deep into the dark tulips was like diving into a midnight sky, complete with pollen stars!

Others from the set can be seen here on my Flickr site.