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I made a pencil case for a friend. I made one for her many years ago and was amazed to discover that she was still using it! It was looking a bit worse for wear, so I thought I would reward such appreciation with an updated version. I think this one is a lot better than the first one, so I hope it will last for many years to come.

Well, I have been quiet on the creative front, but recently made some bunting for a friend who had a special birthday coming up. I really enjoyed making it, and was pleased with how it turned out. I have never made bunting before, and wanted it to be classy and only subtly about the birthday so it could stay up a while.

I used black card and paper twine, and added collage from magazines I had in the house. These were:

Crafts Magazine March/April 2014

Craft and Design Magazine May/June 2014

Frankie Magazine No. 58.

Here is the bunting-


image image image image imageimage



I knitted a little scarf for my sister. Here is a scan of the central part:

scarf for beth 2

Here I am modelling it.

scarf for beth 4

It is very lightweight (she does live in Australia!)

I have recently finished a watercolour painting for my Mum (Christmas present finished a little late!). It has taken me several months to complete, though perhaps under 20 hours of actual work, my level of health means that I do not have many opportunities to do such concentrated work. I feel a sense of achievement that I managed it at all.

This image is a scan of a composite image as though I have a great scanner, the platen (as it calls it) is not big enough for my painting to go on whole, as the painting is about A3 size. I have done good quality scans of all parts of it though, but don’t have the software to fit the pieces together to make one flawless image. So please ignore the join marks!

I think you may need to click on it to see the whole thing.

I grow Japanese Anemones in my garden so it was the obvious subject choice as I could observe them without going anywhere. I also love the white ones very much. I split the background into thirds as I felt it would make the painting of such a large area more manageable. With the outlines of the leaves being so fiddly I was concerned about the paint drying during the process and leaving nasty lines. Also energy-wise and in terms of muscle pain it is good to be able to take a break. I felt the sections might be reminiscent of old japanese pictures done on sections of wood which were then joined together to form long and wide views. I added the lighter “bubbles” as I was worried the picture would be a bit dark as I was focussing on buds and leaves rather than a lot of flowers. I wanted to create a “bokeh” effect like in photographs. A bit of sparkle…