The Brief: Creative Joyful Thing No.10

* Make an item of jewellery or some other decorative thing to wear out of an unusual material*


I knitted a cuff to look like the bark of the birch tree in my garden, then used shrink plastic to make a branch (a few leaves, really) falling in front of it.






The plastic cover does hide some of the knitting detail, but I am pleased with how it turned out. I had not used the plastic before – you bake it in the oven and it shrinks by 40- 50% in both directions, so getting the leaves the right size was a bit of a challenge and an experiment. I used pastel pencils and had to seal the underside with varnish before sewing it onto the cuff. I punched holes in the corners before shrinking.

Here is what Rachel gave to me:

IMG_5737 IMG_5739 IMG_5741 IMG_5742

A beautiful necklace made from a piece of driftwood with lovely markings in it (spalted beech possibly?) that she found on a beach in Wales. It was this size when found, like a pebble. She hammered some pins into it to adorn – perfect!

What was really nice was opening them together when Rachael visited me recently – presents!


My friend RachelCreative just posted this picture on Flickr

and i felt inspired to make her a card using the image.

here are some more pictures of the card – first a standard photo:

Then on the Solarise function on my camera:

and then the Negative function!! Cool huh?

This is the Mother’s Day Card I made for my mum. She likes violets. We always used to try to smell them, the scent was always illusive but worth the effort. A jackdaw because i like to include a bird and they are all around me here where i live. The scale is way off as jackdaws are big and violets are tiny but that is artist’s license in operation!

I am not completely happy with it: I used my watercolour pencils, which I am still getting used to, but I was happy to feel able to make the card in the first place! It feels spring-like at least.

I have recently made two cards: one for my friend’s birthday and one for her baby boy who is about to turn 6 months old.

Card for Jo:


It’s made from a cut-up art magazine.

Here is the card for Edward, her baby:


This one is acrylic paint – bold colours to catch his attention i hope!

On Saturday we (my partner, while i watched) put up out xmas decorations, some of which i made myself the first or second xmas that i was ill, in 1999 or 2000, i cannot remember now. I spent about three months making them, and gave a lot away as xmas presents. I thought seeing as i was no longer working i would make things for people instead of buying. I am amazed that they are still looking good, so i thought i would post some pictures here… The instructions for folding them i found by searching for “origami star” on the internet at the time… i have no idea what site it was anymore although i still have a print out somewhere…

Some are flat, a “throwing star” i think it was called, and i made this one from a magazine page:


others are more 3D… some are made from shiny paper, some from tracing paper and some from magazines:


I also made some from silk, on which i used fabric stiffener and ironed each fold in…


I also sewed in beads to the centre, which particularly improved the look of the fabric ones which were looser as the folds were less sharp than the paper ones… i also added beads to some paper ones, using metal pins used to make earrings to make them stand out of the centre…


I also made a huge silk throwing star for the top of the tree:


So, Merry Christmas!!