I have been to the coast a few times in recent months and have found some beautiful shells, sea glass and bits of coal.

I had been thinking about doing something with them, but had not come up with anything specific. Then a friend’s birthday was coming up and I wondered if I could make some stickers to decorate her presents.

I spread out the shells but needed a background, then remembered another friend had given me some postcards she made which had a sandy background! Perfect! So I had a photo shoot and really enjoyed it. The fiddling about with the sticker set-up for the printer was less fun, but I got there in the end and I made a sheet of tiny but lovely stickers. I stuck them all over my friend’s presents and also gave her a sheet so she can decorate letters and packages for other people too, as she loves that kind of thing.

The best bit is that it is all set up so I can print more off or change the images quite easily for new stickers!


A few weeks ago I took my camera into my little garden and took some close-ups.

Both these images are available to buy as greetings cards here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/art4xmrv

All profits go to the Whittemore Peterson Institute who are undertaking groundbreaking research into Neuro-Immune Illnesses, such as ME/CFS.

It was a really bright day, but looking deep into the dark tulips was like diving into a midnight sky, complete with pollen stars!

Others from the set can be seen here on my Flickr site.