Here is the card I made my Mum this year. I went for a collage of diamond shapes that I cut from my Gardener’s World magazine (she likes gardening!). Note to self – next time do bigger diamonds – a lot easier!


Last week i made a new stamp (well two actually for one image) in order to make a card for my partner. I also sent it to a friend and have a couple more prints that are good enough to use as cards. It took two days to make. The first day i designed/drew it and carved the two soft-cut blocks. The second day i did the printing. I used some relief printing ink that i bought. It comes in tubes and is really messy to use! It was quite tricky to get good prints and also to line up the two separate images. The ink also took about 24 hours and some hairdryer action to dry – i was starting to worry it would stay sticky forever… I have since ordered some colorbox ink pads so i hope they will be easier to work with than the messy ink and roller combination. I only have the two colours at the moment: black and silver… when my ink pads come there will be (almost, as i forgot to get black) no limit to the spectrum i can use – I can’t wait!