I have recently won, not once but twice (!) in giveaways from Michael Nobbs of Sustainably Creative.

Firstly he had a giveaway for new subscribers and I won a copy of his illustrated journal The Beany (I got number 3). I already have a digital copy of the fourth book, but I am loving the feel of the real and paper-based copy in my hand this time. I can’t wait to find some free time and a cosy place to indulge in that.

Then he held a birthday giveaway (on his birthday) and I won a book called The Artist In The Office by Summer Pierre and even though I do not have a day job in the traditional sense, I certainly do have a day (and night!) job in managing my illness so I hope I can adapt some of the advice to my situation.

So, Saturday was a very good post day!

I am really enjoying being a member and getting (amongst other things) a daily micro podcast to listen to what Michael is doing/thinking about and also to help me focus my mind on what I want to achieve creatively and to remind me that doing just a small thing can move my work forwards.

Thank You Michael!

Recently i have been inspired to draw more by Michael Nobbs’ blog and his publications, including his booklet “75 ways to draw more”. I am posting up my drawing attempts on Flickr. There is a Flickr group. You can print the booklet from the Flickr group, or get it on the blog.

The idea is to not care how bad the drawing is, but just to carry on regardless – this is a hard lesson but i am posting up my efforts for all to see in an attempt to challenge myself and my pride! I have posted things i am not totally happy with here before, but to just post something i doodled with a pen (no rubbing out!) or coloured in badly is a whole new level… but i recommend it. When you are not trying to do something perfect it really is quick and easy to pick up some paper and do a doodle anytime! Join in if you like!