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I have been using my sewing machine lately and while it was out I took the opportunity to use it on this card. I also used some cyanotype paper that I had made feather prints from, and my Spirograph! It was fun!

Well, I have been quiet on the creative front, but recently made some bunting for a friend who had a special birthday coming up. I really enjoyed making it, and was pleased with how it turned out. I have never made bunting before, and wanted it to be classy and only subtly about the birthday so it could stay up a while.

I used black card and paper twine, and added collage from magazines I had in the house. These were:

Crafts Magazine March/April 2014

Craft and Design Magazine May/June 2014

Frankie Magazine No. 58.

Here is the bunting-


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At last! I have done something creative again. I promised a friend (months ago) I would make her a bookmark from the paper she gave me wrapped around a present. The paper came from another friend of hers, who brought it back from Tibet, so it is very special paper!

I gave up one side completely to the Tibetan paper:

On the other side I used some of the paper which did not have complete prints on it and mixed it with some other papers I had:

I hope she likes it!

*Draw/design the lettering and appearance of the two words sent to you by Amy: “Word-Mistress”. They are in the envelope.

I will be given two different words which will each pair up with one of yours to mean something*

The words must be the right size so that they can be paired up. Please make each one 10cm x 5cm.

Please send your finished words to me and I will then ask Amy how they should go together with mine and also share them with her.



So, the word mistress as revealed the phrases and they are “Summer Gloaming” and “Unbroken Spirit”

Here they are!