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A local friend told me about a small exhibition that was planned in our village,  around the theme of what the village means to us. I found a photograph that I had taken recently on a walk to the river, and it was such a beautiful day and a peaceful time watching and listening to the water.  I realised that to me living here means being able to be immersed in nature and the peace and calm that it can provide. The other important aspect for me is feeling part of the community and  meeting such friendly people when I go out. It is the kind of place where everybody says hello, smiles and comments on the weather or something else. I have lived here for three years and it is such a different feeling to where I lived before, when people would rarely say hello and it was a more urban situation.  As my arms are very weak at the moment and I am doing a lot of other things, I kept my submission as simple as possible and was proud of myself that I managed to complete it in two short work sessions.

My friend, Rachael, chose to do her Creative Joyful Thing No.1 on the theme of  A Colour Of Your Choice. (Mine was Texture or Pattern). We did not speak about how we would send our photos to each other, but both ended up putting a little book together! It was a nice surprise. Here is her book:

This is the front

this is the back

Here are the images inside. She made one large image, then put a mini photo taken from it on the opposite side. To view the full page you need to click on each image.

She said to me that really she felt that the mini shots were the great achievement of the project and the bit she loved the best. I think she will be pleased that you need to click on each image to see the larger photos and can just see the smaller ones on this page.

I love her use of paint cards and then searching for that colour…

This branch only turned pink after her dog chewed it… a pink bruise.

This was almost her favourite colour, the one she was searching for: Flame. She said to me that Flame was the closest to the clour she was searching, but that you can’t get a paint card for it, exactly.

This one was taken through the hole in her jeans, of the tile floor. I love it!

So there we are, Creative Joyful Thing No.1 is finished and we are both moving on to number two! See next post!

As part of my project with a friend I have taken a series of photos on a theme (see previous post). The theme I chose was Texture or Pattern. I decided to make them into a little book!

(My friend has also sent me her photos and I will blog about them in the next post – it was so exciting to see what she had done!)

I made one for myself and one for my friend too. I put an index at the back and folded the end over to the front to create a spine. I then sewed a piece of wool throughout the set to make it into a booklet. Just a touch of glue to make it sit right and it was done.

Here are the images within my book!

After my friend sent me a series of postcards with themes to complete (see previous posts for my efforts), we have agreed to move onto a new collaboration of Creative Joyful Things (I thought “Art Challenges” sounded a bit too much like hard work!).

As is it September, I thought we could pretend to be on a very, very part-time art course over the course of the year and perhaps meet up next summer to share portfolios!

The plan is that I will make up and send her a Creative Joyful Thing to undertake in her own time, and I shall do it too, then when we have both finished we will send each other pictures of what we have done! This way we will both be independently working on a similar thing and not influencing each other, so we will see different takes on an idea/project. Once we are both done, we will move on to the next one. Here is our starting point:

Creative Joyful Thing No.1

*Shoot a roll of film/series of digital photos on a theme*


  • Texture or pattern
  • A colour of your choice
  • Wabi Sabi (not sure yet what this is exactly
    but it seems like the in-thing!)
  • Noise – can you make me hear things when I
    look at your pictures?
  • Silhouettes
  • Your choice – Something else that you want to


We have both chosen a different theme – not telling YOU what they are yet though! Will post my work up here, and maybe hers too if she agrees.

If anyone wants to play along with us – please do! I am planning on making each thing very different from the last, so hold onto your hats!

I have been to the coast a few times in recent months and have found some beautiful shells, sea glass and bits of coal.

I had been thinking about doing something with them, but had not come up with anything specific. Then a friend’s birthday was coming up and I wondered if I could make some stickers to decorate her presents.

I spread out the shells but needed a background, then remembered another friend had given me some postcards she made which had a sandy background! Perfect! So I had a photo shoot and really enjoyed it. The fiddling about with the sticker set-up for the printer was less fun, but I got there in the end and I made a sheet of tiny but lovely stickers. I stuck them all over my friend’s presents and also gave her a sheet so she can decorate letters and packages for other people too, as she loves that kind of thing.

The best bit is that it is all set up so I can print more off or change the images quite easily for new stickers!

A pair of Great Crested Grebes perform their courtship dance while a tasty fish swims by…

(yes i really need to get out of this house!)

In early 2007 i took this picture of bullrushes:


In September 2008 i took this one:


I was really pleased with them both. I don’t know why but i really like these dramatic plants! A couple of weeks ago i went out and took some more pictures of bullrushes… i really enjoyed it – a short burst of activity in the sunshine!

bullrush sky



top pond bullrushes



bullrush sky1

bullrush sky2

bullrush sky3

bullrush sky4