My friend Rachael, who I have been doing the Creative Joyful Things with, came to visit me last autumn and we decided to paint a portrait of each other. Well, it is autumn again and I have just finished mine. I cannot post a picture here though as I want to show her first, so it will have to wait. Shh.

I can say that I am really pleased to have managed a painting, even though it has taken me a year, and that I am pleased with the result! I don’t think I will be taking on another big project again for a while, as I am looking forward to having space to play and do small things as and when I feel able. Although there were a few difficult moments and many times when I was unable to work on it due to my health, I really loved those times where I could work on it and be absorbed in the task at hand. It is a kind of freedom to be able to be absorbed in a task, especially a creative one. For me that can only ever be quick short bursts, rather than hours on end that healthy people can do, but it is still really transcendent. That’s not the exact word, but you get the idea. It takes me to a state that I do not routinely experience and it feels very good. I perhaps forget that I am in an ill body for a while.

Update: She has been to visit, and taken the portrait away so I can show you what I painted. Here is a close up of the moon, and the finished painting.



Happy and connected to earth and animal self, while looking out on the peaceful moon and wonder-full and infinite universe.