I have grown to love terns, there is a pond nature reserve near my house and it is often the only place i can cope with going when i am up to going out, but only just, as it is only a few minutes away in the car and a short walk to the water’s edge. When i get to the bench, there is always seems to be an arctic tern or two flying over the water, back and forth and they are so fascinating to watch: so elegant and graceful yet sharp and precise. Just to see them helps to take me out of my body, to relax me, help me to breathe more calmly, deeply and feel a sense of peace.

So for my first attempt at making my own stamp, i chose a tern. I will put it into my bird book!




I have completed the first “page” of my birdy book.

It is a “murmeration” (the proper name for a group of them) of starlings flying above another who is looking up at them.


The starling is a cut out of a drawing i did, painted with watercolour and stuck on. The mumeration is a home made “rubber stamp” which after much experimentation with chopping at a wine cork, cutting card etc was made by cutting up a wide rubber band and sticking the little birds to the cardboard sleeve of my new putty rubber (with rubber still inside for stability)!


I really enjoyed the process and trying to work out how to do it. It is so good to be absorbed in a task and I found it surprisingly relaxing and not too draining.

The starling looking up reminds me of the people in the concentration camp being “envious of birds” (see previous post) and looking up at them, and also of myself looking up. The connection between those on the ground and those “in flight”, and perhaps a sense of longing to join in.