Since the jewellery workshop I went back and did two more glass workshops where I worked on a panel. Most people did theirs in one workshop, but I had to go to two as I cannot work for three straight hours, so I spent a lot of time taking breaks on the sofa and did not stay until the end.

This is what I made:


It is about A4 (letter) size and is based on a view of a favourite beach in the evening.

I am quite pleased with it, though I don’t think it is my best creation! I enjoyed going to the workshops and being part of a group activity. That said, I won’t be going to any more in the near future as I am not really well enough and I did suffer for this more than it was worth… such is life.


the crow-full wind blows

the white light ambrosia*

clouds into sunset


* i know “ambrosia” means “food of the gods” but i am using it to describe the colour of rice pudding in the sky!

Last weekend i went to Scarborough… most of my pictures did not come out, this one was best. I took it with my Diana F+, only my second roll so still getting the hang of it!scarboro-sunset