Here is what I sent Rachael for Creative Joyful Thing No.6:

*Make a sun print on fabric*


  • Use fairly substantial things – my leaf skeleton attempt was not very good, but normal leaves worked well.
  • Do it for longer than 15 minutes – I did a tester for 35 minutes in full and very bright sun in September which came out great. The ones I did for less were not so good.
  • Glass worked best for weighing things down (I took apart a picture frame and used the glass from that). Acetate was not heavy enough so things were not so squashed down. As the sun moved the shadow of the items moved too and this meant a less crisp image.
  • The images do come out brighter than they look before you rinse them, but if you can’t see anything when you lift the item up, there is probably not much there!
  • I found that doing both sides did affect the quality of the prints as it showed through a bit, but feel free to experiment as it was the failed leaf skeleton that I tried that with…

Good luck & Enjoy!

(If you want to do something creative with your sun-printed fabric all the better!)

I had previously sent her some sun print fabric.

Here is what we did with it!

First my sunprints:Image





And here is what I made with my favourite – I used a ribbon that Rachael gave me to make the sun print! It is a relaxing eye pillow with lavender inside.


Here is what Rachael sent to me – she used a fern and some marbles to great effect:



This was a tricky challenge but it was fun and I think the results are pretty good!


A few weeks ago I took my camera into my little garden and took some close-ups.

Both these images are available to buy as greetings cards here:

All profits go to the Whittemore Peterson Institute who are undertaking groundbreaking research into Neuro-Immune Illnesses, such as ME/CFS.

It was a really bright day, but looking deep into the dark tulips was like diving into a midnight sky, complete with pollen stars!

Others from the set can be seen here on my Flickr site.

In early 2007 i took this picture of bullrushes:


In September 2008 i took this one:


I was really pleased with them both. I don’t know why but i really like these dramatic plants! A couple of weeks ago i went out and took some more pictures of bullrushes… i really enjoyed it – a short burst of activity in the sunshine!

bullrush sky



top pond bullrushes



bullrush sky1

bullrush sky2

bullrush sky3

bullrush sky4