*Draw/design the lettering and appearance of the two words sent to you by Amy: “Word-Mistress”. They are in the envelope.

I will be given two different words which will each pair up with one of yours to mean something*

The words must be the right size so that they can be paired up. Please make each one 10cm x 5cm.

Please send your finished words to me and I will then ask Amy how they should go together with mine and also share them with her.



So, the word mistress as revealed the phrases and they are “Summer Gloaming” and “Unbroken Spirit”

Here they are!





I posted the brief for CJT2 here. Here is what we did.

We both created a starting image then swapped. Here is mine:

The background pattern I took from The Yellow Book of Creative Colouring, by John Adams Toys (aged 8 and upwards!). I have had this colouring book for decades – it is so cool! Just geometric lines. I hope publishing my work here is not a copyright issue, after all, I just did some creative colouring! I also traced most of the seagulls from somewhere but as they don’t look much like the originals now, I don’t think it is a big problem. I am so confused when I use/change other people’s work where the lines fall about right and wrong. I am not making money but I am publishing here… Ideally I would like to just draw my own pattern and birds totally from scratch but it would have taken me much longer and used more energy than I had. But that doesn’t make it right. Hmm. A bit disappointed in myself. Didn’t think I would feel so bad about it. From now on you will be seeing my own (probably terrible) drawing skills exhibited, or at least ones done from tracing photos that I have taken myself!

Anyway, here is what she sent to me:

And here is what she did to mine:

I love what she has done with my original image. She copied it so that she could paint on it, as my copier left the lines water soluble (I tested it before sending). The red was lost but so much gained! Look carefully for the fish – they are sparkling silver on the original. She has put so much work into this and I think it is so exciting to be working together and making things we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Here is what I did with hers:

(Transcript of the text below)

I struggled to come up with a way to make her image into something different, apart from interesting colouring in I was a bit stumped and I didn’t want to erase the original meaning of the self-portrait about the missing filling. I am happy in the end with what I produced, but think she did a much better job on this one!


Text reads: You want to put your filling under your pillow? Yes I see the hole.

Well, scrap metal prices are high and teeth have dropped in value. What? You thought I did this from the goodness of my heart?

Tell you what – Get a quote for replacing your filling and I will pay for it.

BUT! You must buy an electric toothbrush ‘coz I want my assets kept super-healthy from now on.

Yes! The only money I make these days is from the “final collection” as I call it.

So do we have a deal?

Put your filling and the quote under your pillow tonight.

Sleep well!

Although it may seem like nothing creative is happening, as i have not posted anything for a while, i am gently ticking over…

I have written a poem called “Ten” for a local competition – there is no prize except to be included in a collection of poetry called Ten, for publication. I consider that a prize in itself as it is an ambition of mine to be published somewhere!

As it has to be previously unpublished i will not share it with you yet… but if it is not chosen i will share it with you then, the deadline is the end of the month so i am not sure when that will be. 

I am quite pleased with it (and have worked on it and edited it much more than I ever have before when writing, a process which i have really enjoyed and learnt from) but i am no poetry expert so we will see what they think!

Cross your fingers (or whatever you can) for me!

I have a new word: Plangent

I read it in the book i am reading: The Facts of Life, by Patrick Gale. (Harper Perennial, 2008, p280)

He is talking about a piece of music “…the work’s plangent repetitions and strings of ironically corrupted melody… attracted an audience…”

I wondered what the heck that meant!

According to the dictionary, Plangent means:

adj. making a loud reverberating sound,

or a loud plaintive, drawn out sound

hmm, so a sentence of my own using the word…

“Passing the alleyway in the dim evening light, she heard a plangent cry, then saw a foxy shape from the corner of her eye”

ahem… announcing a new regular “column” to this blog… “Word of the Weak!”

(it won’t be every week you see, as i shall wait for inspiration and energy to blog it)

I shall say where i heard the word, what it means and then maybe create a new sentence using the word!

So the word is:


as heard on BBC1 on Sunday lunchtime in the programme “Countryfile”. John Craven was up in the snowy Cairngorm mountains in Scotland and was discussing with a woman what species of animals and plants could survive in that cold alpine climate. The woman was showing some tiny little plants to John and described them as having to be GNARLY to survive there!

The dictionary says:

gnarl 1. n. a twisted knotty outgrowth on a tree  2. v.t. to twist, contort

gnarled adj. twisted and knobby

The way the woman used it was more as a description of their personality and tenacity rather than their actual knobbliness, which is what i liked when i heard it so i am taking it more in this way in my own sentence:

The gnarly rock did not flinch as wave after wave crashed over it, sculpting soft shapes and persistently revealing its insides.