Hi, I am Ashy. I live in the UK. This is my blog about all things creative. I want to make a space to collect all my ideas, creations and arty stuff so that it will help me to focus on art more, help me develop ideas and be inspired by other people.

I have always been a creative person, and have been “making things” since i was a small child. I am often inspired by nature and also have very green fingers. Many of the things i have made i have given away as presents so i can’t document them here, but i hope there will be lots more to show in future!

I think this blog will cover a wide variety of things, from writing, knitting, sewing, painting, gardening, photography to who knows what! I have fingers in many pies…

I live with ME/CFS, which has been quite severe over the last couple of years. I have another blog about my experiences of illness, but i expect that content will overlap sometimes. Arty activities have taken on greater significance recently, as many other things have become difficult or near impossible, i have found that i can still achieve creatively and art serves as many things: a welcome distraction, as “therapy”, as something to provide identity and purpose, a sense of taking control of what energy resources i have and doing something constructive with them, recording positive moments of my life and focussing on them rather than the mundane, and feeling (if only briefly!) energised and excited by ideas… energy sparks!

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