Well, I have been quiet on the creative front, but recently made some bunting for a friend who had a special birthday coming up. I really enjoyed making it, and was pleased with how it turned out. I have never made bunting before, and wanted it to be classy and only subtly about the birthday so it could stay up a while.

I used black card and paper twine, and added collage from magazines I had in the house. These were:

Crafts Magazine March/April 2014

Craft and Design Magazine May/June 2014

Frankie Magazine No. 58.

Here is the bunting-


image image image image imageimage



At last! I have done something creative again. I promised a friend (months ago) I would make her a bookmark from the paper she gave me wrapped around a present. The paper came from another friend of hers, who brought it back from Tibet, so it is very special paper!

I gave up one side completely to the Tibetan paper:

On the other side I used some of the paper which did not have complete prints on it and mixed it with some other papers I had:

I hope she likes it!

Here is the card I made my Mum this year. I went for a collage of diamond shapes that I cut from my Gardener’s World magazine (she likes gardening!). Note to self – next time do bigger diamonds – a lot easier!

I have recently made two cards: one for my friend’s birthday and one for her baby boy who is about to turn 6 months old.

Card for Jo:


It’s made from a cut-up art magazine.

Here is the card for Edward, her baby:


This one is acrylic paint – bold colours to catch his attention i hope!