I can now share with you my poem “TEN”, because the book people do not want to publish it. I don’t mind, i can’t expect my first effort to be successful and i am still happy with it, even if it’s no masterpiece! Maybe it being about M.E. is a bit predictable but they do say write about what you know, don’t they? I enjoyed writing it and working on it/editing it, which took some time. I have never really changed a poem or worked on it much before, or written anything with a particular title or theme and that was a learning process which i think will help me next time.




A decade, I say, though I try not to count;

But every time I do go out:

Hello, so nice to meet you!

What do you do?

I don’t. I’m unwell.

Oh, but you really can’t tell…


How long has it been for you?

Since I turned twenty two.

You were so young! Just making a start –

It must have really broken your heart?


Yes. And now it breaks again:

I never thought then

That I’d look back now and count to ten.



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Although it may seem like nothing creative is happening, as i have not posted anything for a while, i am gently ticking over…

I have written a poem called “Ten” for a local competition – there is no prize except to be included in a collection of poetry called Ten, for publication. I consider that a prize in itself as it is an ambition of mine to be published somewhere!

As it has to be previously unpublished i will not share it with you yet… but if it is not chosen i will share it with you then, the deadline is the end of the month so i am not sure when that will be. 

I am quite pleased with it (and have worked on it and edited it much more than I ever have before when writing, a process which i have really enjoyed and learnt from) but i am no poetry expert so we will see what they think!

Cross your fingers (or whatever you can) for me!